Last Night in InWorldz

I’ve been a huge fan of InWorldz — especially the Founders — for a long time. I still am. But priorities change; mine have been changing a lot in the last couple of months (especially in the organic mode), and there’s only so much one can write off the personal ledger as “entertainment expense”. So, reluctantly, I emailed both support and accounts to say I wouldn’t be renewing tier.

I’m not capital-L Leaving InWorldz — far from it. Too much cool stuff goes on there. But, it pains me to admit that I’ve had builder’s block ever since the Gothic chapel… and frankly, after going through the exercise of changing all the sales graphics to the new logo (including re-shooting some of the builds), I lost all interest in pursuing the business. Finally, keeping a sim I wasn’t using stopped making sense.

So, everything’s in my inventory except what you see above: the house, a couple of accessories. I made an Export file of the observatory before taking it… it may show up in West Harbour soon.

I’ll be going back one last time tonight to grab what’s there. Praxis will probably be off the grid some time tomorrow.

Be seeing you, in SL.



3 responses to “Last Night in InWorldz

  1. When I abandoned my IW sim, that is when I stopped paying the monthly tier, I also thought the sim would disappear after a few days. Yet I came back a few months later by sheer curiosity and was surprised to see that the sim was still there, with everything I had built on it. Elenia Llewellyn was the owner. I sent her a message via IW forums but she didn't reply.So Lalo, if you have regrets about abandoning you sim, I'm quite sure you can retrieve it if you don't wait too long…

  2. I'm still catching up with everyone's blogs, so I've only just this moment read your post. I understand that priorities change, and although I'm saddened you've taken Falconvale…sorry, Praxis down (I still have the Stone Manor in my inventory, and in my opinion you and Ali are up there with Koshari Mahana in terms of quality builds.. :) ) I wish you well in whatever you do next.

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