Lautrec Syndrome

As a private joke (until now), I’ve diagnosed myself as afflicted with “Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome”. As he was known for hanging out at Moulin Rouge and sketching scenes there — especially of women who caught his eye — so I compulsively photograph strikingly creative and/or attractive avatars. Some are friends, some are people whose names I knew but hadn’t met until then; most are total strangers.

As you can see, not quite all of them are beautiful women… :-P

I just cleared out a huge backlog of previously-unedited screenshots, and posted the results at Picasa. Have a look, leave a comment if you like… especially if you know any of the many whose names I didn’t remember to note.

[as to the above: second from top is Anne OToole; third is Kirsten Cinquetti; the rest are unknown]


One response to “Lautrec Syndrome

  1. Nice! I also tend to sit and listen to live music and take pictures of interesting people in the audience and then pass them copies. It's a great conversation starter :) and you get a great collection of pictures. Like you, I seem to somehow accumulate mostly but not entirely pictures of attractive women. But I'm sure that's because so many SL AVs *are* attractive women. It's just statistics. :)I keep most of my collection in a randomly-rotating screenshow on my land in Hughes Rise, propped against a crate. Putting them on line is a good idea! Yours are great…

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