So, where were we…?

Oh, right… SL9B.

Do you suppose whatever subgroup of LL employees came to that decision did so to deliberately spite  the Resis? “They bitch about everything we do anyway — it’s too little, it’s too late, it’s too restrictive — so fuck ’em. They want a party, let them make their own.”

Forgetting, of course, that we have, since at least SL3B (thank you, Tateru). All they provided was server space for a month – a.k.a. sims to build on. Which reminds me, it’s probably time for another informal survey of the World Map to check on how many redundant, discontinued, and otherwise superfluous regions they keep running while pulling the megaprim rug out from under their own Birthday.

It’s not like they have any pride in how old Second Life is, after all. They might even be a tad embarrassed about how little improvement they have to show for the years they’ve existed… and they should  be, even without factoring in the cyclical blunder that Marketplace has become, or the money and time thrown away during M’s years on shiny like SLEnterprise.

“We’re the oldest virtual world of our kind, and some shit’s still  broken.” is not gonna be a winning ad campaign…

What if, in “reverse spite”, no one hosts a SL9B event? Is that a fitting gesture, or playing into their hands?

A couple of weeks ago, Ghosty Kips posted this blog: “It’s Time for Rodvik To Go”. Definitely worth the read – I’ll wait…

.. and I agree that, as CEO of the company who own and operate Second Life, Mr Humble bears responsibility for the operation. But, as the commenters pointed out, he takes his orders from the Owners.

I’ll add this: Notwithstanding what personnel changes have occurred in the past year and a quarter, the so-called corporate culture of Linden Lab remains firmly entrenched in those M years, consisting of one part Disdain and two parts Inertia, with a dollop of Ineptitude.

Whether suppressed from above or stonewalled from below (I strongly suspect both), Rod Humble is merely one man against institutionalized modes of thought and (in)action. It’s not a job I’d be looking forward to arriving at on a Monday morning.


2 responses to “So, where were we…?

  1. Lalo, I fear you are right about Rodvic. I was really excited for the EA folks to help LL along, and Both Humble and Wright have enormous geek-cred.But that said, SL is not the Sims. It's a sandbox with some great (and much not-so-great) UGC. It's the special sauce of SL, and I fear that M really tried to end that. Rodvic, for all his British wit and EA experience, is not changing the tone-deaf culture at the Lab.He's not slowed the flow of educators leaving, that's for sure.

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