Hi, folks :)

Welcome to what will soon be the sole home of this blog. It’s still under reconstruction: re-pathing the links to earlier posts is at least half-done, to be followed by a re-built SL History page, then finally one more pass to re-size the photos that are wider than the format :P

Also must figure out what to do to the CSS to make this font bigger! Either that, or choose a different font…

Anyway, thanks for coming around! Make sure you replace any bookmark you may have, and to update your blogroll if I’m on it.


15 July Update: Cancelled the Squarespace account this evening, and (working backwards) am halfway down page 7 of 9 of the post list. Going to rebuild the History page next, before fixing any remaining posts that need it.


6 responses to “Hi, folks :)

  1. be careful, you may want to host WP yourself!:)

    i used wp.com for a while and it is very robust with lots of plugins and themes but . . . a self-hosted WP has thousands of plugins!

    it’s easy to import into the self-hosted if you change later

    i think you’ll enjoy this new home and wp.com excels at spam protection and uptime (it is never down)

    good luck!

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