Pathfinding: The Long View

I have no use for Pathfinding on my home parcel. I don’t intend to ever make a “character”, let alone set it wandering like the undead, then rez obstacles in its track for the lulz. :P But hey, there’s a lot of stuff I don’t do: scripts, sculpts, animations, textures… I’m a primslinger; I make buildings out of blocks.

I know it’s gonna be buggy as hell: it’s a Lab product. But I also know that’s not going to get in the way (much) of the people who have been waiting for capability like this.

And that’s a good thing.

People have been building games in Second Life for nearly as long as the Grid has existed. When I read Inara’s precis of it, I thought immediately of two ancient examples of “pathfinding”. The first was “Vorago”, built on Varney by Tcoz Bach in December, 2003:

“Was”, as in no longer there. The house in the lower left corner of this overview, ban lines and all, replaced it.

The second is “Medieval Crusade”, built on Immaculate by Tedd Tigereye in January, 2004.

Watch out for these guys!

It is still there (lower left) – and so is Puff the Dragon, after 8 years and more.

So, yeah… Pathfinding is gonna is still going to need work. But those Resis did that with Version 1.2! (Check what was new with that Release.)

There are artists out there who will grab Pathfinding and run with it — and some of them, eventually, will blow our minds.


2 responses to “Pathfinding: The Long View

  1. I agree that it’ll be mind-blowing for those who learn and master it for their art, but if it comes at the expense of stability and performance for everyone else doing their non-pathfinding activities, well… ugh.


  2. I look forward to experimenting with it, running a historical roleplay city, I can see quite a few options for this pathfinding malarky, if it works like I hope it will anyway.
    Not just the rats running around in backstreets, with cats coming after them.
    But perhaps even characters, homeless bums who wander around, not noticing anyone, mumbling.
    Perhaps it can even make our tram run smoother and make it stop when some car is blocking the track.

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