And now, for something completely different: a cat with three… oh, never mind.


I am completely ignorant of SL fashion; for one thing, I’m a guy; for another, there’s way too little menswear of a style that suits me, whether furry, neko, or human. Nevertheless, I follow a couple of avatars on Twitter who happen to be fashion bloggers, and one of them is Strawberry Singh.

Thus, I randomly opened up a post of hers last week, to learn of a “Black and White Blogger Challenge” put forth by another fashionista, Maci Restless. This was the day after I had installed the latest Firestorm, and had paged through the new additions to the Windlight preset menu.

I couldn’t decide which of these was the best, so I’m posting them all: Three Variations on a Black Cat in the Dark.

Windlight: Bryn Oh’s Rusted Gears

Windlight: Orac – Black fog 1

Windlight: Surreal Night (Paulina)

No post-processing – just me and the Windlight. And it wouldn’t be a proper fashion entry without:

Shape, skin, paws, ears: “Lost Crypt” Black Cat from Lost Furest (Cheetah Kitty, Oct 2008)

Tail: Panther Animation Studios (2009)

Hair: !TM Sordid Midnight (Tami McCoy, 2009)

Glasses: Mia’s bigcat eyglasses (2009)

Clothing: What clothing?



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