Playing Catch-up

A week after my last post (that is, 16 Sept), this blog had its 3rd Rezday. It’s not been as active in the past year as in the two prior, because I have been more active — in other arenas, as it were… and I’m pleased to report that’s still going strong and getting stronger.

By coincidence, today I took down all of the posts from the original Blogspot iteration of “Like it Is” — all but the one that points to this URL.

Another side effect of more time spent in other pursuits: a large backlog of photos, which I finally have had a chance to weed out, crop the good ones, and post them at Picasa. You can go here to see them all, but I must share this one, taken at The Listening Room toward the end of June:

Marx & Whiskey

And I cannot let this opportunity pass by without wishing heartfelt congratulations to Toxic Menges and her “other half”, as she calls him, on their impending RL wedding!



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