The waiting game

First and foremost: thanks to everyone who has wished me well, in the comments to the last post, in-world, or by email.

Here’s the latest:

Last Thursday I had a CT scan “from guggle to zatch”, in the words of Thurber’s The 13 Clocks. It was meant to reveal if the spot on my brain, discovered a week prior in an MRI, was a lone wolf or an outlier.

There’s a spot on my lung, too.

Good news is: no Brain Salad Surgery. They’ll zap that one with collimated gamma rays. Before that, however, there’ll be a needle biopsy of the invader in my lung, and plans made to deal with it.

None of this is scheduled; I’ve only known about it for four hours. The requisite specialists will call me to set up appointments. Hence, the waiting game.

I’ll keep you posted.



10 responses to “The waiting game

  1. Right here with you, Lalo. I know you’re a private person, but if you ever need to vent, cry, laugh, scream or hug- I’m here. And glad to hear your brain won’t be scrambled. ;) xo

  2. LOL @Honour! WE wouldn’t mind a bit. Contemplating the clouds of love, not to mention a flash mob of those assembled offering Lalo comfort, might for about 30 seconds even bring grins to some of the medical people we’ve met thus far. Lalo makes an ideal patient: MDs can talk up to him! Thanks, all.

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  4. Nearly two years later your bookmarked posts turned up, unbidden, on my home screen today. I love you, Lalo, and always will. Then the laundry room flooded–that damn drain. You had promised to diagnose the problem before you got sick. My sweetheart, you lived only weeks after this post. I hope you were letting me know you love me, too, from wherever you are. For always, e

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