Luskwood’s Ninth

Freude, shöne Gotterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium… (oops, wrong Ninth)


I had become a fan of furry art months before I joined Second Life (Dec ’07). When I learned one could be furry art (of the CGI variety) in SL, I joined with that purpose foremost in my mind, to the point of choosing what, then, was still available as a furry starter avatar (and which I learned much later was a Luskwood design from about 2 years prior.)

As soon as I did the hula and got off Orientation Island, I searched for Luskwood, TP’d there, and stayed for three years… became Premium, joined the land group, and picked up two adjoining 512’s in Tehama.

Yes, I was seduced (heh heh) to the human form for a while, and financial circumstances forced me to give up the Premium and the land two years ago… but in my heart, I’m still a Luskwood fur. I wear one now =^.^= and have three others in my inventory.

They celebrated their 9th birthday this past weekend. In spite of what was once near-perpetual griefing and other harassment, they’ve survived as not only the oldest continuous furry community, but the oldest continuous community of any kind in SL.

There’s historical information here, and here (including ancient screenshots from its earliest days), but all I want to say right now is:



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