I’ve got rhythm (again)

Brief progress report on the treatment regime:

Yesterday (Tues, 14 Nov) I went in to have the “port” placed (on my starboard side, heh). Came out of the outpatient sedatives in the PACU with an incredibly bruised lump below my right breastbone, and to news that I was in “afibrillation”, my heart rate was spiking through the roof, and they were going to admit me. So they did.

And I spent the night in cardiac care, being extremely well taken care of, on an IV drip which eventually slowed my heart down to normal. Come morning, the cardiologist came by to say I was still “afib”, and might need what I’m calling a “hard reboot”: out, then immediately back in with the help of paddles. But first, they took me off the IV and gave me a big oral dose of the same med. It knocked me back into sinus rhythm without the reboot :)

I also still had the scheduled bone scan today… That turned out to make me a temporary low-dose radioactive source (gamma rays, from technetium), with images collected passively by a scanner. I got to see the  monitor — it was fascinating. On the screen were two cloudy shapes, resembling me from opposite angles facing each other, formed of scintillations, as if I were some distant irregular galaxy mirrored by a gravitational lens.

On another screen, farther away so I couldn’t see details, was a complete reproduction of my skeleton. I said “Put me in a 3D printer!”

Finally got released at about 3 pm (local time). Tomorrow morning I’m still on schedule for more gamma; this time as the receptor, not the source, as they zap the tumors in my head — barring unforeseen circumstances like yesterday’s, that will be an outpatient treatment and I’ll go to work after.

Chemo should start the week after Thanksgiving, and so should… not a return to the old routine, but a new one that makes room for the chemo among the other things.

So it goes.


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